Lip Tattoo,How? Makeup videos on YouTube

Get the best tips on how to apply the new Dior Lip Tattoo.Makeup video tutorials, makeup videos on YouTube, how to apply makeup video

Dior Party - Hanoï 2017

On of the greatest night in Vietnam Hanoï with the brand. 

Bangkok Training

Get the best coaching & Pratice directly on shop floor.


official advertising Shilla Changi Airport

Bali Dream

Make the dream come true in Bali with Iska & Vianka.

Glamour Touch

Advertising for Shilla Duty Free Changi Airport Singapore.

Teaching Time

Inside Teaching Class

Glamour Makeover

CNN - Extract from Changi Airport Singapore New Advertising. " Depart from the Norm " 

Fix-it Tips & Practice

Check out this great video on Fix-it 

The Dream

Check out this great video

Backstage Studio

Where everything started - Backstage studio makeup Dior. Marseille, Galerie Lafayette, Saint Fereole Street in 2005. 

Backstage Shooting Inside

Check out this great video

Backstage Video

Backstage Video Shooting with the Indonesian models Iska & Vianka.

Seminyak dream

Enjoy an other great video time with the Indonesian model Vibriani. 

Creation in Music

Let’s enjoy some Makeup Portraits in music.

Studio 54-50

Inside the Studio 54-50 in Caribbean Martinique 2013

Backstage Compilation

Backstage Compilation in China 2009 - 2011.

2009 China Hairstyle & Makeup Competition ( Part 2 )

2009 China Hairstyle & Makeup Competition ( Part 1 )